Senior Service Design

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50.000 - 55.000 € bruto / año


About X

X is a design and innovation consultancy that reimagines people’s relationships with the digital and physical world around them. We use the power of design to create services people love. By combining a human-centered approach with robust methodology, we work with some of the world’s leading businesses to make complex systems simple and elegant. Founded in 2001, X has a diverse team of 1,000 design and innovation experts in 26 studios, including Atlanta, Austin, Berlin, Chicago, Copenhagen, Dubai, Dublin, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, Milan, New York, Paris, San Francisco, São Paulo, Seattle, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Toronto, Washington, D.C. and Zurich. For more information visit www. or follow us on Twitter X

Senior Service Designer

At X Service Designers are at the heart of our design process. Our service Designers are a diverse team of strategic, empathetic thinkers and who envision and craft experiences from strategy to digital product creation.

This is your opportunity to be part of a team that is creating positive impact for our clients and the world by creating products and services that people love.

As a team, we:

Help clients understand change and define their strategy for the forthcoming future.

Create products that demonstrate outstanding experiences for our clients and their customers.

Have specific opportunities to use our craft to make a difference in people’s lives.

Engage in ongoing activities that enable us to learn, practice, and evolve our discipline.

Collaborate on products and services that change the way our clients do business.

Lead, lean in, be creative, and have fun.

As a Senior Service Designer, you:

Understand the brief, challenge if necessary, and frame the problem so that it becomes actionable for the team.

Identify the right methodologies required by the project can clients.

Lead Service Design activities on projects.

Uncover user needs through research methods, develop deep insights, generate concepts.

Balance user needs and wants with business viability and technological feasibility.

Craft how people will interact with the products and services we design.

Implement designed strategies and service concepts.

Explain, discuss, and justify design decisions eloquently.

Give effective feedback and direction to more junior members of the team.

Be a X ambassador, attending and helping to plan studio and community events, workshops, and conferences.

Set yourself apart:

Expertise in defining implementation plan, prototyping, setting KPIs and iterating.

Ability to plan and facilitate workshops.

Proficiency communicating the story of research findings and design solutions both verbally and visually.

Extensive experience driving and applying user-centered design processes.

Accustomed to working collaboratively with customers and cross-functional team members.

Understanding of areas of specialization within the greater design landscape, including but not limited to Business Design, Visual Design, and Content Design.

Willingness to broaden your own skillset into adjacent specializations while refining mastery of primary skillset.

Proficient in creating experience maps, user journeys and service blueprints.

It is valuable but not required experience with Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, InVision, Axure, Confluence, or JIRA.

Your experience:

5-7 years of in-depth knowledge and experience of Service Design across varied users, business problems, and devices.

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in a related field.

We are a family of X. Our living culture and borderless playground provide us with space to thrive, following simple core values that inform everything we do. Be adventurous. Bring a vision. Make an impact. Rely on empathy. Nurture collaboration. Stay transparent. Be bold and generous in all you do. 

Thanks to a unique partnership with XX we’re able to do work that changes the world, and we’re always looking for kindred spirits.

We believe there is nothing more important than creating products and services that will positively impact the world in which we live. Creative, rigorous and effective Service & Interaction Design ensures that impact is realized. Join a team that is curious, creative, driven by empathy, and relentless in our pursuit of meaningful and impactful design.

Se ofrece:

- Contrato laboral.
- Salario entre 50-55.000€ en función de la valía del candidato.
- Trabajar en un ambiente de trabajo moderno y dinámico.


Bien, para poder preparar tu candidatura, necesitaría que me enviases tu cv y una presentación tuya que indique:

Cómo te defines a nivel profesional, principales skills, cadena de valor, tus puntos fuertes, débiles, objetivos que quieres conseguir dentro de una empresa, cómo te gustaría que se desarrollase tu carrera profesional, qué te gustaría que te aportase tu nuevo trabajo. Cómo serían tus proyectos deseados.

Tus soft skills y tus hard skills. Las soft son las relacionadas con tus habilidades interpersonales, con cómo nos relacionamos con otras personas o cómo enfocamos nuestra vida y trabajo. Son habilidades de autocontrol y autogestión, ejemplos de algunas de ellas: habilidades de comunicación, trabajo en equipo, capacidades para realizar presentaciones a cliente, gestión de reuniones, habilidades de gestión en general, liderazgo, cómo te enfrentas a personas o situaciones difíciles o inesperadas, capacidad de adaptación al cambio, nuevos métodos o políticas de trabajo, capacidad de persuasión, de negociación, de hacer networking, etc.

Y los hard skills son relativos a conocimientos técnicos, aquí puedes explicar por qué te identificas con la propuesta. Me interesa mucho saber cómo desempeñas tu trabajo, tipos de proyectos, metodologías empleadas, etc... mejor lo puedes hacer sobre la descripción del perfil, te puede ayudar bastante, necesitamos ver afinidad y que hayas gestionado proyectos acordes con el perfil buscado.

Qué te movería para dar un cambio profesional.

El nivel de inglés que pedimos es muy elevado, pasado el primer filtro, que seas seleccionada, y se hará una prueba del tipo: elabora un buen briefing... enfocado hacia un proyecto;)

Parece fácil, pero un buen briefing no es sencillo;) sabemos que es la base de dónde parte un buen proyecto, de un buen análisis.;)

Rango salarial aproximado.

Y todo lo que quieras añadir y consideres relevante.

La idea es, esta primera información, se la haga llegar a mi cliente de forma confidencial y después comenzarían las entrevistas personales.

Mil gracias y cualquier duda, lo comentamos sin falta;)

Un abrazo

Concha Rodríguez Mauriz
Talent hunter. Socia Fundadora.
Glorieta Puente de Segovia, 3 - 28011 Madrid
t. +34 678 511 172

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